How To Lose Weight The Military Way

How To Lose Weight The Military Way

The workouts and routines that people in the military do are effective when it comes to weight loss. These exercises are not only designed to improve the physical performance of soldiers but help them lose weight as well. Have you ever seen a fat soldier in boot camp? Fat soldiers are rarely seen in boot camps because military workouts are very effective weight loss exercises. Are you ready to lose weight the military way? Here are some easy exercises for you!

• Doing some push-ups – This is the most common form of military exercise. It is also used as a form of productive punishment. For example, if a soldier breaks a rule, he might be punished by being forced to do thirty push-ups. The push-up can help turn your saggy chest into a firm one. This exercise can also improve your biceps and triceps.

• Running – Men in training run most of the time. They wake up early in the morning so that they could jog with their fellow cadets. Cadets have to run so that they could improve their speed and endurance. After all, they will be doing a lot of running in the battlefield. Running is also one of the best weight loss exercises.

• Learning some squat thrusts – The squat thrust is a type of callisthenic exercise which is constantly used when training military cadets. It is also known by its other name, burpee. You do it by standing them and then dropping to a squatting position by bending your knees with both your hands on the ground. After doing the squat position, you thrust your feet towards the back so that you will end up in a push-up position. Throw your feet forward and then stand up. The squat thrust helps reduce the fats in your stomach.

• Doing the pull-up – The pull-up can be a little bit tricky to do especially for those who are very heavy. But you should note that pull-ups help improve your abdominal area and strengthen your upper body muscles as well. If you are having a hard time doing pull-ups, you might want to start with chin-ups.

• Eating a military diet – Cadets in the military enjoy a high protein, low-calorie diet. They do not eat too much. Do not pig out. Put only moderate amounts of food in your plate and never go for a second serving.

• A military weight loss program can really help you lose a lot of weight. But remember that you can also try other weight loss methods. For instance, you can try out Botanical Slimming products while undergoing a military weight loss program.

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