Is There a Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Is There a Fastest Way to Lose Weight

We all crave speed in everything we do – how fast we drive, how quickly we make money, and how fast we lose weight. This desire for speed
actually hurts many peoples efforts in these domains, as they sacrifice quality and consistency of effort for purported schemes and scams that will grant ‘instant’ success and progress. So we should first shed some caution on this kind of ‘fastest’ talk as a way to improve our efforts in self improvement.

However, at the same time, we should always be on the lookout for methods and information that will make our progress as quick as possible. Let’s take the field of weight loss – is there a quickest way to lose weight that will let us lose weight as fast as possible?

Well, not exactly, but there are certainly activities that are better than others in this regard. Let’s look at exercise first. Many people exercise daily, but instead of doing focused workouts, do long, rambling, boring workouts that don’t give much weight loss or fitness benefits.

Instead, focus on doing high intensity interval fitness workout. The best thing about these is that you can work out for less total time and get a better workout. It’s all about getting your heart rate high. This ensures that your body is working hard. To let this happen, you also take periodic rests (by doing less work, not necessarily by stopping) to allow your heart rate to recover. Then, you push it again.

In terms of dieting, there is no one ‘best’ diet, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work best for others. However, perhaps the best way to lose weight with dieting is to make sure that you eat throughout the day. Starving yourself, or skipping meals, will actually set you back – it won’t help you by restricting calories.

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