4 Extreme Sports That Double as Exercise

4 Extreme Sports That Double as Exercise

Exercise is something that everyone needs to take part in. It is advised that you spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising and elevating your heart rate. Failing to exercise daily can lead to health issues and obesity. Losing weight can also improve your quality of life and reduce stress on joints. One of the problems that people have with normal exercise is that it can be a bit boring at times. For those who want to exercise but can’t stand boring routines, here are 4 extreme sports that double as exercise:

  1. Surfing- Surfing may look like one of the most elegant sports but it really does take a lot of energy. Battling the waves all day long is exercise like you wouldn’t believe. If you are expecting to feel relaxed and in touch with nature after a day of surfing then you’ve got another thing coming. It takes more energy than you would think to fight the ocean and ride a surf board.
  2. Skiing and snowboarding- Skiing and snowboarding may look like it is all for fun but the truth is, it is actually really great exercise. It takes a lot of strength and endurance to be able to maintain composure while you are flying down a mountain side. Most of the time when you are flying down the slope you will be sitting in a squatted position and that can really test your strength.
  3. Parkour- Parkour is also known as free running and it is all about athleticism. These amazing athletes are talented and posses raw abilities. The sport is designed to turn normal anything that you come across into an obstacle. If you are wanting to get into this sport then you need to make sure you are in tip top shape before you attempt anything crazy.
  4. Ultimate Frisbee- Ultimate Frisbee is a really fun sport and it just happens to provide a ton of great exercise. If you want to play this game you better be ready to run, because you’re going to be doing a lot of it. This sport is not only extremely entertaining but it is awesome for those who like to work out while they play.

One of the best parts about using sports for your daily exercise is that you can do something different each and every day. You’ll have the freedom to play as much or as little as you want, and when you do find a sport that you absolutely fall in love with, you can stick with it for years to come.

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