Losing Weight Using Protein Powder Shakes

Losing Weight Using Protein Powder Shakes

Weight loss can seem to be a goal not easily attained. However, there is proof showing otherwise and this is seen in the results that protein powder shakes produce. Many times, weight loss is necessary for those who are overweight or obese. Sometimes people have to lose weight not just to look good but also to prevent their health from worsening. Protein powder shakes come in powder form. To make the shake one needs a fluid, usually water or fruit juice. These powders are available in a variety and your choice will depend on your weight loss needs.

Protein powders

There are two main choices of protein powders that can be used for weight loss. These are the whey and casein protein. Each has slightly different components and therefore varies in their mechanism of causing weight loss. Whey protein powder comes out as the more popular alternative. It is necessary to understand that protein shakes are taken alongside a diet also aimed at causing loss of weight. Whey protein shakes give optimum results when used with diet plans made of small and frequent meals as well as regular exercise. Its big difference with casein protein is that it digests faster.

So, why exactly should you be excited at using whey protein for losing weight? There are several reasons. First of all, the fact that it is a shake makes it an excellent and convenient snack. Easy to make, you can have yourself a healthy snack within a matter of minutes instead of reaching out for some fatty or highly sugared snack.

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Secondly, whey protein is a rich source of leucine, an amino acid that is very helpful in weight loss. According to research, this amino acid promotes loss of fat and preserves muscle tissue during times of low calorie intake. Thirdly, intake of whey protein triggers the release of two appetite suppressants known as CCK and GLP-1. Clearly, whey protein powder shakes are a nutritious way of losing weight.

The other alternative is the casein protein powder. The good thing about it is its slow digestion making it ideal for weight loss. It will take you longer before you feel hungry and reach out for more food. With greater sustenance of energy, lean mass, but not fat, will be maintained. The great thing about weight loss using protein powders is that they can be mixed with other healthy meals or drinks and even your breakfast cereal!

Losing weight

Losing weight should not be such a big hassle and what better way to do it than using protein shakes alongside a proper diet? Generally, the protein fills you up and you will have less hunger pangs. The fact that it has an effect on the satiety centre in the brain makes it work better as it addresses the hunger problem right from its core. It also serves as a medically safer alternative compared to weight loss pills that may contain chemical compounds detrimental to your health. With protein powder shakes, you lose weight almost naturally.

As every person who has tried losing weight before would attest, it is a holistic experience. Protein shakes are not the ultimate solution but only provide desirable results when combined with other modalities. Exercise is non-negotiable and so is the type and frequency of food you eat. Exercising helps to burn fat and leave you with lean muscle thus reducing excess weight.

Keeping fit also ensures a healthy cardiovascular system, hence reducing incidences of diseases related to being overweight. The right diet encompasses an appropriate caloric intake of healthy foods; vegetables, fruits and less processed foods. All these things incorporated into one weight loss program yields positive results.

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