Things You Must Know Before Buying any Dumbbells

Things You Must Know Before Buying any Dumbbells

Nowadays buying dumbbells can easily be an expensive activity. For that reason it is important to think about it before buying anything else, or you may end up with that sick feeling of thinking “I wish I could have bought these other dumbbells…” or even worse, realizing you could spend less money and get even better dumbbells.

When I was looking for dumbbells to buy I did a big price research on the kind of dumbbells I wanted to buy at the time (which was adjustable dumbbells) and finally I end up buying a regular $19.99 pair of adjustable dumbbells, I didn’t need more back then. If I remember well I think I saved $10 in that transaction just by looking at all the different options I had to choose, there were other models very similar to mine up to $10 more. They were not worth that extra money, they were just the same as mine basically.

So, whatever kind of dumbbell you choose, do a big research on it, to look for all the different models and prices ranges, if I saved 10$ on a $19.99 dumbbells, imaging how much money you can save (or waste) if you go the expensive route ($400-800) or the medium-end spectrum ($100-300).

Cheap Dumbbells

If you want some dumbbells at the cheapest price you can get, go for the cheapest pair of adjustable dumbbells, that’s basically what I did and it’s the more versatile option at this prices. For very low prices, if you want individual set of dumbbells, you can hardly get more than two pairs of dumbbells.

Medium Dumbbells

For anyone willing to spend more money, say more than $100, things get tougher. For just $100 I would recommend a relatively good pair of adjustable dumbbells, but for $250-300 it’s a difficult call. Because, for me, several pairs of hex dumbbells are the best choice, but you cannot buy a very wide range of hex dumbbells with $250.

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The question here is: Can I buy just the dumbbells I need? Because for most of us we certainly do not need 150 lbs dumbbells, but we need a certain amount of dumbbells. If you cannot buy them with the money you have, then the answer is simple, go for a good pair of adjustable dumbbells.

Medium or High-end Dumbbells

The last is the expensive option, if you can afford to expend $500-1000 on dumbbells, man I don’t know your taste about dumbbells, what I know is that I would put the best rack of hex dumbbells in my house if I had enough space. For me this choice is simple, but if you prefer a pair of adjustable ones for whatever reason, I advise you to not spend that much money, there are very good adjustable dumbbells for anywhere from $150-400, just do a research as I said before.

Sometimes it is just about space

The space you have at home for your future dumbbells dictates a lot of times your decision. In fact, the lack of space is what dictates it. Because if you have plenty of space you can always ask yourself “Well, do I buy a rack of hex dumbbells or just a pair of adjustable ones?” But if you have very little space at home the way to go is obvious, a pair of adjustable dumbbells. They were made basically for that reason I think.

You will save a lot of space because you will have a lot of dumbbells contained into just one pair, so that is your best choice right there, make sure you do a good research for prices and models and enjoy them, you can now exercise at home which is the aim of all this.

If you have plenty of space the thing is different, I will tell you to go for the right amount of hex dumbbells if you can afford them, because it is the best option to exercise yourself, the quickest way to switch weights and the safer option because hex dumbbells cannot roll away, they stay firm because of its six-sided weight plates.

But that is just my opinion, if although you have plenty of space at home you want to still occupy as little space as you can, or you simply fell in love with a beautiful pair of adjustable dumbbells, go for it. You now know the pros and cons of these two kinds, so make the choice that will make you happier.

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