Muscle Building For A Pro

Muscle Building For A Pro

When starting a new program in muscle building a few things will need to be stressed. To see results you will need to stick with the exercises in the routine. Using a wide variety of exercises will create less stress and fatigue on your body and you will not be bored on your path to building muscles. Make changes to your routine as your muscle mass and strength changes, so you will seriously stick to the program.

Nutrition plays a big role in bodybuilding. A specialized diet is required to reach high levels of muscle growth. To provide the protein and energy to support the training more calories are needed than the average person. Carbohydrates are very important. They provide the body with energy while helping with recovery. Total calorie intake of protein should be 30% to maintain body composition. Instead of the traditional 3 meals a day a bodybuilder should eat 6 meals a day at regular intervals.

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In order to obtain muscle growth you will have to practice exercises multiple times a week on fitness equipment for each part of the body to succeed. This is where variety plays a large part. You will be able to alternate aerobic and cardiovascular workouts between days. The length of your fitness training should not be any longer than 45 minutes during each session. After that time testosterone levels start decreasing and when that happens cortisol levels begin to rise. Cortisol is a hormone that is known to eat muscle tissue according to researchers.

Choosing the right exercises and fitness equipment is a vital part of your routine. Some of the following examples are proven to be effective in muscle building; inverted rows, squats, chin ups , push ups, dips, and dead lifts to name a few. With these exercises in your fitness training regime you will be on your way to positive results.


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