Womens Weight Loss Tips

Womens Weight Loss Tips

At some point in our life we all battle with losing weight, women especially struggle with weight loss especially during the menopause, when weight becomes more difficult to lose. Although scientific research has identified a medical condition for this middle age spread known as somatopause, many women would still be better off if they ate less, and focused on a more healthy way of eating.

The majority of womens weight loss tips are centred around what is going on with the body on a metabolic level and obviously this plays a big part when it comes to losing weight, however weight loss is not just about how you look physically, it is also very much a psychology experience also. Negative emotions can often lead us to over eat, raiding the pantry late at night in order to find that sugary snack that we know is bad for us.

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When we overeat it brings abut feelings of guilt and we end up berating ourselves, saying such things as you have no will power or I am useless, which all bring about feelings of low self esteem, painful emotions that are very often be associated with food, such as rejection, failure and guilt.

It is important that you choose food wisely, the best thing to do before you eat is to ask yourself what do I really want, at first your brain will probably tell you that its that bar of chocolate or that last slice of cake, but underneath there are a lot of emotions going on that are related to why you want to keep eating. This can be as simple as wanting some company or wanting to feel appreciated.

Remember that old habits are hard to break so it is important to get yourself into a routine. It may be just a case of learning to be kind to yourself in a none related food way, enjoying some me-time for yourself, such as treating yourself to a massage or time out of your busy day for quiet reflection. When you become conscious about the moves you make you are personally more equipped to break the cycle.

Initially simple weight loss tips that involve just small steps are all that is required, simple weight loss tips such as excluding the sweet snacks next time you go shopping, whilst choosing to have healthy option foods on hand instead. Look beyond the pantry cupboard for the reward that you really crave, and once you are able to identify more closely with your emotions, you will do so without guilt.

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