Choosing Running Shoes

Choosing Running Shoes

One of the most important parts of your equipment if you run are your running shoes. You can almost wear anything else to run on top or bottom but you must have running shoes on your feet. This is the case even if you run very infrequently and for short distances. The right running shoes can make all the difference in your run both how long and how fast you can go.

Not wearing running shoes

If you don’t wear running shoes while running you open yourself up to injury. These injuries can affect your feet, legs and most importantly your lower back. These injuries can occur far quicker and even be multiplied if you are overweight and you’re running without proper running shoes. Fortunately running shoes don’t have to be expensive for you to get the benefit from wearing them.

Choosing the right running shoes

There are 3 kinds of running shoe and they are motion control, stability and cushioned. What shoe you need depends on the arch of your feet and how high it is. People with high arches need cushioned running shoes. People with normal arches need stability running shoes and people with low arches need motion control running shoes. Low arches are commonly referred to as flat feet and you need the appropriate running shoes for flat feet if you have very little in the way of an arch in your feet. These will prevent injuries and help your running.

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Running shoes can range from $40 to $150. Generally the more you pay the better and more advanced the shoe. Technologically advanced running shoes like the New Balance 1226 can run you at $135. We would say that if you don’t run to far or frequently then you don’t need expensive running shoes. As long as you have running shoes that’s the most important thing. Having the correct running shoes will really enhance your running and you’ll enjoy it more as a result. So get out there, start running and get the right running shoes!

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